The killing road

you and I . always had
great guitarist to emulate. Even the ones that I dub,the great ones ! Eric Clapton, Eddie Van Halen ,Dave Mustaine ect. The musical Master minds, made it before the  internet made fame ,an everyday thing for just about anyone. You must have an amazing live show and be able to sale out any venue. In the world and tour the killing road
It has became to be known as .(is just another haul (it’s just to damn long that’s all) as Dave mustaine so elegantly said .ts

Trying to make it in the music business,is the
Hardest thing to do these days ,the continuous onslaught
Of musicians ,that stalk the social media to try and make
It .without selling a record ! That being said there are so
Many ways of getting your music out there .
To truly( make it ).you have to make a platform
On every media outlet,it seams .and to have a super
Fan base .and be able to sale out any venue !
In the world NJNJ

The best guitarist in the world ?


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